2011 World Deaf Cycling Championships – Road Race

Nicholas Schreiber (USA) sprinted and grabbed the gold medal in the road race for the first time since he joined the USA Deaf Cycling team. He has earned several gold medals in other events but has always aspired to win the road race.
Credit: Bobby Skedsmo
The race was an exciting one. Schreiber was part of the pack, two minutes and 12 seconds behind two leaders - Remi Girardet (FRA) and Ivan Makarov (RUS). Giradet broke away during the fourth lap. Makaraov joined him three laps, and they both worked together until the 18th lap. Giradet's energy ran out because he had broken away early, so Makaraov rode solo for a while. Meanwhile, Schreiber attacked three times until he successfully broke away from the pack. Two other riders tried to keep up with him but failed. Schreiber rode solo and caught up to Makaraov with two laps to go (lap 23 out of 25). They worked together until Schreiber broke away in the final lap.
Credit: Bobby Skedsmo
The women's road race, 17 laps long, brought a new country to the medal stands. Long Hoi (MAC) won gold, and Renate Tesler (ITA) came in second. Alisa Budnikayte (RUS) received her second bronze medal of the 2011 WDCC. The women's road race was the second of two women'only events for the WDCC, and the women look forward to competing again at the next international deaf cycling competition.

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