2011 World Deaf Cycling Championships – Cross-country Time Trial (XCT)

For this first time ever, this year's World Deaf Cycling Championships (WDCC) included a Cross-country Time Trial (XCT) event. Jan Capek (CZE) became the first-ever gold medal winner of this event and captured his second medal overall of the WDCC. He was fifth on the start list, and was able to finish his ride in dry conditions. Rain started pouring as soon as Bart Uzeel (BEL), the 15th and last cyclist, departed from the start line.
Credit: Eric McDuffie
Capek was fortunate to be one of the few cyclists to ride in completely dry conditions. Luigi Cucco (ITA) started eighth, and it started raining during his ride. He arrived wet and placed second. Jess Tremblay (CAN) took third place. Tommy Hammarstrom (SWE) surprised everybody because the XCT was his second event of the day. Even though he also competed in the road race in the morning, he finished fourth in the cross-country time trial, only eight seconds behind third place.