Order your NEW, redesigned dVELO jersey now!

The redesigned dVELO jersey is ready for ordering! New features include:
  • A brighter color overall for greater visibility
  • The word DEAF in bigger letters so drivers and other cyclists can read it from longer distances, for safety
  • A lighthearted message above the word DEAF
When members of your group wear this jersey, you will be able to find each other in crowds and at a distance! dVELO Jersey We know you want your new jersey to arrive in time for the Bike New York event. For this to happen, your order and full payment must be made by 31 March 2011. The price remains $50 for members and $55 for non-members for each jersey. The additional $5 for non-members will be used to pay for your membership in the United States Deaf Cycling Association (USDCA). Again, the deadline for the order and full payment is 31 March 2011. Please e-mail dVELO (info@dvelo.com) for ordering information. This will ensure dVELO adds your name to the list while awaiting arrival of your payment. A minimum of 10 jerseys must be requested by the due date for this order to be processed. No jerseys will be pre-ordered; no jerseys will be ordered after the deadline. We cannot guarantee that the jerseys will arrive in time for Bike New York; however, that is the goal. Last year, we succeeded in getting the jerseys in time using these timelines.